My ideal self care night

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I think everyone needs to dedicate more time to self care. Hell, we should dedicate a whole night for it! Every so often, when I feel like I really need it, I take a night to myself to *recharge and relax*. I love being productive, busy, and social but I’m someone who needs a good balance of chilling and being busy. If I’m go-go-go too much, I end up burning out from not prioritizing recharging my own energy and taking time for myself before taking time for others. So, take this post as your reminder to pencil in some “me time” for your week ahead!

Here are some of my favourite things to do during a self care dedicated night:

Doing a face mask.

Nothing says “self care” more than doing a good ol’ face mask. It’s simple, but it really makes you feel like you’re taking time for yourself by doing that extra step in your skincare routine. Some of my favourite face masks are the Ordinary salicylic acid 2% masque, the Summer Fridays jet lag mask, and the Olehenrikson cold plunge pore mask. Self care is all about giving your skin a little extra TLC, and doing a face mask does just that!

Creating a vibe in my room, and chilling.

My ideal room setup: a candle lit, my lamps turned on, my diffuser going, and my laptop or a book on my bed. Make your bedroom your own little sanctuary! You want your room to make you feel good, and at your relaxation peak. Because we’re winding down before bed, give your bedroom some mood lighting using lamps and softer lighting. Once my bedroom is feeling vibey, this is when I like to either watch Netflix or Youtube or read some of my book in my bed before falling asleep.

Putting my phone on Do Not Disturb.

Nothing says “me time” more than putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, haha. Sometimes we need to turn off notifications and not respond to other peoples texts and calls, especially when it’s self care night. We get so caught up day by day being reactive to our phone and the notifications we get, and we need time where we disconnect. I really doing this so I can focus my energy on myself and on other things, like my interests or hobbies.

Taking a bath.

Taking a bath is a bit more rare for me, and I don’t do it very often. But let me tell you, I feel INCREDIBLE after having a bath. It’s such a luxurious and relaxing thing to do for yourself, and you can spice up your bath by using Epsom salts or bath bombs in your bath water. Bringing a glass of wine to the bath with you is always fun as well (this is also inspiring me to take baths more often haha). Get yourself a little bath tray to go on your bath, and put a candle, a glass of wine, and a book on it – you’ll love it.

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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