Press release – I’ve added my current skincare favourites to my homepage!

a shelf full of skincare

As you may already know, I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to my skincare product favs at the moment. HOWEVER. I try so many new products on the regular and therefore I always have new favourites that I’m loving and using constantly. So I thought it would only be fitting to include a little image carousel with all of my current favourite skincare products at the moment! I’m super excited about this because I want you all to know my favs and to keep them top of mind if you want to try some new products or if you’re looking for better ones. This little list of mine will allow you to do so in a quick and easy way!

This is something I’ll also keep up to date constantly as well. And since I mentioned that I have new fav products pretty often, I’ll be adding and subtracting to this image carousel every week to keep it fresh and relevant <3 ALSO by clicking on an image, you’ll be able to see the product and to purchase it if you’re interested in trying it! I’m so happy and excited about this new addition to my website and I’m looking forward to hearing your guys’ feedback about it as well!

Chat soon,

xx Marilyn

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