Peer review 3 – Smile Host Dream

Smile Host Dream homepage header screenshot

For my third peer review, I had the opportunity to look at Melvin’s website called Smile Host Dream. Right off the bat, I really love the aesthetic and style of his blog and I love that he’s using his website to share a passion of his which is creating and editing documentaries, stop motion animation, and machinima. As a viewer and reader, I also really appreciate that his mission and explanation for his website is on his homepage and that I don’t need to scroll to far to find it. He has a very specific niche and a very clear purpose for his page, which I think it great!

At the moment, as a viewer I feel that his website is more of a personal blog than a business with a business strategy and plan. However, I think Smile Host Dream has great potential with growing his page and potentially monetization. Although I am not a part of his target audience, I do think that people would be inclined to engage with his call to actions. Specifically, his call to action on his homepage that suggests his reader to comment on his videos and engage with them! I think that it’s really inviting and that it would make someone who enjoys the content he posts write him comments and keep up to date with his content.

To showcase his productions he has linked the video thumbnail to the full video on his YouTube channel, and I really like that he did that because it could possibly allow him to gain more traction to his YouTube channel from his website. On the other hand, I think that Melvin could definitely leverage social media platforms by posting shorter versions of his videos in order to get his audience interested in watching his full creations on YouTube and also learning more about his production process on his website. In terms of monetization, I think that his website would be great with Google Ads and that it could be a main source of income for him if he developed his page into a business. Melvin’s YouTube channel also has monetization potential if he continues to develop it further and post videos more consistently.

One key suggestion from Melvin’s second peer review was to link his social accounts to his website for cross-promotion and to encourage more growth for his website and his brand overall. Melvin does have his YouTube channel and videos links throughout his page, which I really think is a key asset for his content! However, having social media accounts created specifically for his brand to promote his videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok would definitely allow him to further grow his brand and treat it more like a business. Overall, I’m really loving Melvin’s style and the direction he’s heading with his page!

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