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The website I had the opportunity to review for my second peer review is TMYLIFE by Nicole Tam! Nicole’s website is a blog created to write about her day-to-day life while sharing her personal thoughts on various topics and interests. Most of her blog posts are based on challenges or things she’s doing or going through, which I really love. Her blog feels super relatable, comfortable, and open because of the tone and language she uses in her posts. Being around the same age as Nicole and going through similar situations and challenges in life and reading through her posts make me feel that I’m not alone. Her blog definitely gives off big sister or best friend energy and I think because of that her website has the potential to be liked by many people similar to me! A lot of people nowadays want to be consuming content online that feels relatable, and I think Nicole’s blog definitely gives that feeling. 

Nicole’s first peer review mainly highlighted and complimented the aesthetic, style, and design of her blog, and I think that she’s done a great job at continuing to thrive in this area of her brand. I really love the different headings she has been posting within, “A Day in a Life” and “T Time!”, and I love the style of her blog posts and the format she’s been following in each of her posts. However, one suggestion I have is to create a PUB 201 category as well for all PUB 201 related posts. As a viewer, I’m not sure where I can find these posts and I think having a dedicated category for that content would be really helpful. Another suggestion I have is to add some of the content she has in her “About” section to her home page. Being on the TMYLIFE home page as a viewer, I wonder what about the purpose, value, and reason of the website so I think having a blurb to highlight the individual or personal aspect of the website would be helpful! Also, adding the mission statement to the home page somehow would be beneficial for the audience to keep them wanting more. 

In terms of social media channels and posting, I can see that Nicole has her Instagram and Pinterest linked which I think makes sense for the purpose of her website! I think it would also be great to make the social icons a bit bigger for her audience to recognize and know that she has social media platforms that they can follow her on for more content! Overall, I really love Nicole’s blog and aesthetic, and I think she has a lot of potential to expand her website more on social media and to gain a larger audience. 

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