Peer review 1 – Lifting with Lita

Lifting with Lita home page screenshot

For my first peer review, the website and brand that I’ll be diving deeper into is created by Lita! First impressions looking at Lita’s homepage, I really love the way she has used colours, headings, and links. Her website feels really cohesive, organized, and that I can find whatever I need! I can tell immediately through her aesthetic, homepage title, images, and all of the information and value she is providing on her page, that her brand is about empowering and provide tips around working out and weightlifting. As someone who also loves working out and going to the gym, I feel how passionate Lita is about it as well through her posts and it makes me want to continue to follow along with her content. 

I also really love Lita’s logo, fonts, and overall vibe and branding that she has created so far. One suggestion I have in terms of font and colour is to beware of the readability of the lighter colour text on top of the bright pink background of the website. I love the pink and I really think that Lita should keep it as her main brand colour because it expresses her vibe and values, but I think the text colour may be read easier if it was a brighter white. In class we talked about the importance of having a few main colours in a brand colour palette, and I think it would be great if Lita added some more neutrals with the bright pink to tone it down a little bit for a better feel and readability when on her website. 

As mission statements define a brands values (Forsey, 2021), I feel that Lita’s values defined on her homepage overall aligns really well with her mandate, which is “to provide a motivational outlet of advice, tips and relatable content for new or current weightlifters” located at the top of her homepage. As mentioned by Seth’s blog, it’s important that a brand has a unique design and core values, so I think it’s great that Lita has included that she aims to inspire and motivate others through her content as well as provide value through tips in her mission statement.

Overall, I think that Lita’s brand is clear and cohesive! Her posts such as “Confidence: A Key Factor In Reaching Your Goals” and “How to Start Your 2023 Fitness Journey Today” demonstrate that she aims to provide tips and value especially for beginners in the gym or people wanting to get into working out more regularly. I noticed at the end of her posts she finishes off by saying “contact me” for any fitness related questions or to talk about the gym with her, which I think gives a big sister feel to her audience and that she’s approachable if you want to connect with her. I really love Lita’s website and values so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her website progresses throughout the term!


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