My audience – who are they and how will I know?

Two girls in pyjamas doing their makeup in the bathroom together

The audience I want to have for my website are teenage girls and young women who care about taking care of their skin, are passionate about skincare, and who want a sense of community and belonging in the skincare space. As my goal for Skincare with M is to feel comforting, relatable, and personable, I want to reach an audience who wants to learn more about skincare and different products and routines from a ‘skincare big sister’ like me 🙂

Because I want this space to be really engaging and interactive for my audience, something I’d want them to do through seeing my content is comment on my posts, click to follow my social media platforms, and want to know more about my skincare favourites or product recommendations. Even though I’m providing lists of my favourites as well as my tips and tricks when it comes to skincare, I would love if my audience reached out for further advice or ask me questions regarding my recommendations to learn more. For example, it could be them reaching out over DM on my Instagram to ask me about a few products I had listed in my product favourites list on my homepage to know more about why I like them and how I use them in my daily skincare routine.

The way I could find my audience or learn more about them is to curate and engage with my users through social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Because TikTok’s For You Page (aka the FYP) curates your feed for you based on your interests and content you like on the app, this is the perfect social media platform for me to find individuals who are as passionate as me with skincare or are beginners and want to follow a platform where they can be more involved with skincare. On the other hand, Instagram would be a great place to get to know the audience I already have through posting polls and question boxes on Instagram stories. This is where I can really connect with my audience and further build a sense of community for Skincare with M.

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