What I bought from the Sephora sale

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I might have done some damage during the holiday savings even that Sephora just had…I think I did pretty well. Maybe a bit too well haha. BUT nonetheless, I wanted to share the products that I bought with you guys and tell you the reasons why I did.

Let’s get into it!

Rare Beauty liquid blush

FINALLY I decided to pull the trigger on this purchase. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been seeing COUNTLESS TikToks talking about this blush by Rare Beauty, and this sale was my reason to get it. I got it in the shade happy and it’s this really beautiful rosy bright pink shade. It’s pigmented, it blends well, we love her.

Kosas plumping lip oil

I’ve been particularly really into lip oils recently and I thought I’d give this one a try! I love the brand Kosas and I like how this one also works to plump your lips. I like lip oils cause they’re hydrating and don’t make your lips sticky like a lip gloss does. I’ve already been carrying this with me in my bag when I’m out and about and I’m loving it!

Benefit hoola bronzer

I’m going back to my roots with this one. The good ol’ Benefit hoola bronzer ladies and gentlemen. I was OBSESSED with this product back in high school, and I literally used it everyday when I did my makeup for the day. I’ve been using a lot of cream bronzers recently and I’ve been feeling like I needed some powder bronzer back in my life, so here we are!

Saie big buffing bronzer brush

I’ve also been really into makeup brushes recently. I really think my makeup brushes need an upgrade because I’ve had some of mine for wayyyy too long, and I wanted to try this Saie brush because I’ve heard really good things about it! It’s meant for bronzer I think, but I think it would be good for anything that needs a bigger brush to blend out. Very excited to start using this!

Glow Recipe papaya cleansing balm

This was a restock purchase! The Glow Recipe cleansing balm is the BEST cleaning balm I’ve ever tried personally. I like it because it completely takes off waterproof mascara without getting my eyes red and irritated! I’ve been loving this and I was running low so I had to take advantage of the sale and pick up a refill for when I run out.

Tarte maracuja juicy lip pump

This was a lip product that was really talked about on TikTok, and as you can tell I was definitely influenced. TikTok really tends to get me on the skincare and makeup product recommendations haha. I got this lip plump in the shade “mixed berries”, and I wanted to try this because I don’t usually wear colour on my lips besides a lip liner and this shade is super natural looking. Love how it has a plumping effect as well – kinda makes your lips feel cold and minty if you know what I mean.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi bronzing drops

This is maybeee one of my favourite products from this whole Sephora sale haul! As these bronzing drops by Drunk Elephant have also had a lot of hype, I definitely think they’re worth it especially since it’s Fall/Winter season now and we could all use a little extra bronze to our skin. You’re supposed to mix a bit of this in with your moisturizer or sunscreen and it’s SO GOOD! It’s easily getting added to my essentials list.

Rare Beauty concealer brush

Last but not least, another brush! I already own the the Rare Beauty foundation brush and I LOVE IT. I use it to blend out my contour because it’s like the perfect shape for it, and I thought I’d get their concealer brush too since I don’t own one! Rare Beauty brushes feel so gentle and soft on your skin, they’re truly amazing. All of their products are amazing to be honest!

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about all of the products I got from the Sephora sale! I hope you all picked up some goodies as well that you love!

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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