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This week in class, we discussed copyright and what’s considered copyrighting or not. Luckily, I learned that using these images from Pinterest isn’t considered copyrighting *phew*. I thought more about images from Pinterest, and I realized that people post images to Pinterest that aren’t their own all the time and that that’s kind of the culture of Pinterest. People share other people’s cute photos and people also share their own cute photos on there, and then people share them and reuse them. It’s interesting because it seems and feels like copyright doesn’t even exist on Pinterest haha!

This weeks topic also make me reflect on how much these images bring personality and character to my blog and my blog posts! I really built my blog off of aesthetic Pinterest photos, and you can really see that on my home page and each of my blog post. Because of visuals being so important nowadays, I’ve really prioritized my use of visuals on the site, and I think it’s safe to say that I can continue to use images from Pinterest without getting copyrighted. Woo hoo!

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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