Remixing someone else’s makeup routine

I’m a huge believer that less is more with makeup, and that a natural makeup look is the way to go. But also, to each their own! Everyone like different types of looks on themselves, and we should be using makeup to express our individuality at the end of the day. I’m remixing a TikTok influencer/content creator’s makeup routine that I really enjoy following for beauty content. The makeup routine looks absolutely STUNNING on her and she looks amazing, however I would do this a little differently…

Click here to watch @yasaminedurali’s full TikTok video.

Personally, I don’t like a makeup look that makes me look like I’m wearing a lot of makeup (unless I’m going out for something really fancy and I want to look more done up haha). Although I use a lot of makeup products, like @yasaminedurali does in her video, I apply my products a lot differently to make it look more simple and natural. Personally, my goal is always for my makeup to look like my own skin still. Here’s my own take on a get ready with me video/makeup routine!

Click here to see my full TikTok video.

This activity was really fun! I really wanted to show you guys that you can make your makeup look natural and simple, while still using lots of different products but through enhancing your own complexion.

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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