Peer review 1

screenshot from Towhidur's blog home page

My assigned peer for this peer review is Towhidur Rahman and his blog URL is To start, I really love how Towdidur turned his passion for photography into his blog, and that he used it to both showcase the photos he’s taken and to share his give tips on photo taking. I really like his use of images, especially on the home page. I like how he has different sections as you scroll down highlighting different things like his gallery, who he is, and what you can expect from his blog, all while showcasing his photography. As we’re all trying to build our own personal cyberinfrastructures with our blogs, I think that Towhidur has done a really good job building an environment and connection between his online self and his personal self, through his passion for photography (Campbell, 2009). 

As far as Towhidur’s categories and menu items at the top of his home page, I really like how he’s chosen to separate his “public content” and “pub 101” content because I think that more categorization and organization really helps the reader navigate his site better. However, I think that his “public content” category could be named something different, like “photography” or something that represents his photography work better. Furthermore, as an article by Forbes suggests that living in a digital world may be leading us to “lose touch” (Leetaru, 2017, para. 1) of ourselves and our history and instead worry about our digitized futures, I don’t think Towhidur’s blog and content represents this worry. Instead, I think that his blog amplifies who he is authentically and does a really great job at representing himself and his passion for photography through images and text. 

I really like how Towhidur’s blog has categories at the top of the home page and a side bar as well to navigate his site, and I like how the side bar includes his recent posts, a search bar, and his Instagram feed which isn’t connected yet I think but I think is really great idea to further showcase his photography if he has a photography Instagram account. Not only is his blog great for showcasing his photography for his audience, but I think it’s also a great place for him to keep all of his photography and photos in one place, like a diary or a digital garden (Basu, 2020). Basu (2020) highlights how digital gardens are cultivated for the individual themselves, and I think that Towhidur’s website can also represent a space that he can call his own photo diary. Overall, I think his blog is looking great, and that there’s definitely room for him to add more of his personality in his aesthetic and writing! 


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