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Not only do words themselves change the way you interpret text, but its the tone, feel, vibe, design, and voice that the publisher does to give you a certain experience. Last week in class, Mauvé Page came to speak and teach us more about design and how it impacts the message you communicate as well as how an audience interprets it and it really inspired me to think more about it and share my thoughts with you guys in this weeks blog post!

As we learned a lot about design and how the layout, font, colours, and arrangement of sections in a blog have a huge impact on how people interact or engage with your content, I really make sure to prioritize the *aesthetics* and the images on my blog and in my posts so it’s pleasing to look at and so you feel like engaging with it! For me, aesthetics and overall vibe of a text or a blog is super important to me because it makes me feel satisfied. And I hope to do the same for you! :’) I’m someone who lovessss Pinterest and the Pinterest *aesthetic* so incorporating that into my lifestyle, beauty & wellness content is key for me. As a publisher, creating your design and interaction design based on what your audience’s interests are is key to a successful blog!

A publishers language, lone, and voice is also reallyyyy important in creating a vibe and making an audience feel some type of way when scrolling and consuming. I personally really love to talk in a pretty casual way on here because I feel like it allows me to connect and resonate with you guys the most. I love consuming content that feels REAL and authentic, where you feel like you can literally hear the publishers speaking aloud when reading their posts. It’s my favourite kind of content because it feels relatable and that I personally know them.

I love a mix between text and images too. I think even doing more images than text in publication design is going to be even MORE engaging. We live in a day and age were our attention spans are smaller than ever, and where graphics and visuals are so much easier to consume. My brain loves images and videos and they help so much in text. At the end of the day this is all connected to design and it’s so important to create your design in your audiences favour! Know your audience!

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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