My step-by-step natural everyday makeup routine

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Recently I’ve been loving easy, natural, and glowy makeup. Especially for going to school, I typically like to wear very little makeup or no makeup (mainly because I’m too lazy and tired to put a lot of effort into my makeup haha). So I really like doing a little bit of concealer, and really focus on bringing colour to my face with blush and contour. I like to focus A LOT on my face and complexion, which I think is KEY for making your skin look flawless and glowy.

Let’s get into my current everyday makeup routine…

Step 1: primer & skin prep

Prepping my skin before putting on makeup has been essential for me. I just did a whole blog post of my favourite skin prep products that you need, and you should definitely give that a read if you haven’t already! My current skin prep favs have been the Glow Recipe dew drops and the Saie beauty gel dewy highlighter. I find that skincare and primers are key for if you want your makeup to look natural.

Step 2: concealer

I’m honestly not a huge foundation girl, because I’m not really a fan of how it feels on my face. So, concealer is my bestie basically haha. My favourite concealer at the moment is the Kosas creamy concealer, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you need to! My dry skin loves this because it’s so hydrating and dewy and it also does a great job to cover blemishes and conceal your under eyes. Concealer is nice because it’s lighter and more weightless on your skin for throughout the day!

Step 3: cream blush + cream bronzer

Cream products have definitely been a go-to for me. Recently I’ve been loving rosy blushes in particular, and I’ve been reaching for the Benefit benetint a lot which you can use as a blush and as a lip tint (we love multi-use products!). Then I go in with cream bronzer/contour, and I’ve been really liking the Charlotte Tilbury contour wand and the Makeup by Mario skin enhancer for a more natural contour. Bronzer has become essential for me because of how fair my skin is, and it helps so much to bring colour back into my face again.

Step 4: powder

I have found a powder that makes your skin looks absolutely FLAWLESS and that makes your pores literally disappear. It’s Charlotte Tilbury’s flawless airbrush setting powder of course, and I’m obsessed with it. I like to apply it using a dry beauty blender to set the concealer under my eyes or to carve out my contour further. As much as we love cream products, powder is also really important to set your face!

Step 5: brows

For YEARS now, I’ve been using this brown eyeshadow shade in a mini Tarte palette (that’s discontinued now) for my eye brows to just fill in the sparse areas with an angled brush. I really hope I never run out of this eyeshadow because I don’t know what I’d do without it! Then I use brow gel to set the brows, and my favourite lately has been the Refy brow gel, which is SO GOOD btw. If you’ve been looking for a new brow gel, definitely check it out because it has completely changed my brow game.

Step 6: mascara

Last but not least…mascara. I have been using the same mascara for years now (as you can tell I’m a bit of a creature of habit with the things I use haha). But first, I ALWAYS curl my lashes. I have to because my eyelashes aren’t naturally curled and I have very straight lashes. Back to mascara – I love using the L’Orรฉal lash paradise mascara. And here’s a hot tip, you’ve got to use waterproof mascara! If you have straight lashes like me, waterproof mascara is key if you want your lashes to stay curled.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my everyday makeup routine! Thanks for reading.

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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