My morning routine ‘non-negotiables’

girl in her kitchen making coffee

1. Making my bed

Making my bed gets me in gear to GET S*** DONE. I think making your bed is essential and that everyone should be doing it first thing in the morning when you wake up. Having your bed also prevents you from slipping back into bed during your day (something we all want to do haha), and from even doing work on your laptop in your bed (something I’m guilty of). Small things like this make the biggest change for you mentally throughout your day.

2. Skincare routine

Skincare has become one of the most important things to me! Doing my morning skincare routine really effects how awake I feel in the morning, how confident I feel, and how glowy and hydrated I feel of course. Skincare has become much more important to me than makeup too, and I’ve realized how much it effects how my makeup looks when I do my skincare first. If you don’t have a set skincare routine, I highly recommend you start practicing one!

3. Caffeinate

My caffeine choice in the mornings are london fogs. I love earl grey tea, and for a while I just had earl grey tea but recently I’ve upgraded to making london fogs and I’m OBSESSED. For my milk of choice, I love oat milk, specifically the Kirkland oat milk from Costco. My whole family loves it and uses it daily, so naturally we have to opt for a whole box of it. For sweetener, I use the Starbucks vanilla syrup (which you can purchase at Starbucks – hot tip if you didn’t already know you could do this). And my FAV mug to use is my pink Fable mug.

Whether you like coffee, matcha, or tea in the morning, I definitely think having a yummy drink makes your morning so much more enjoyable!

4. Breakfast

Fueling my body with a nutritious breakfast. I’ve been currently in a bit of a bagel phase, and I’ve been loving putting natural peanut butter and raspberry jam on mine. Sometimes I make a scrambled egg as well if I’m extra hungry in the morning, but a bagel is definitely my go-to. I’m also such a creature of habit, and once I find a meal that I enjoy, I have it ALL THE TIME. I also make sure to consume fruit in the morning, and I usually like to have some strawberries and blueberries or whatever is in season.

Having a solid breakfast is so important for you mentally and physically, so don’t neglect it!

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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