My imagined audience

two girls on a bed in sweats with a laptop

The audience I’ve imagined thus far since starting this blog, has been young women around ages 18-25 like me who are passionate about self care, beauty, wellness, and about being the best version of themselves. My audience cares about taking care of themselves physically and mentally, and they care about their well-being. And they take action everyday to improve these parts of their life!

These young women also care about the aesthetics of their lifestyle, not only what they’re doing to better them (because being aesthetics is almost equally important hehe). My imagined audience knows that the little things that they implement in their routine makes a big impact on how they feel at the end of the day, like using an ice roller, doing 5 minutes of meditation in the morning, journalling, and doing their skincare in the morning and at night! My audience is passionate about these things, and wants to continue to improve their lifestyle, beauty and wellness habits and practices.

As for my editorial and design decisions for this blog, I’ve really made sure to make the aesthetic one of its focal points. The template I decided to use is very clean, and mostly white, so that I could highlight the aesthetic of the Pinterest images I use on my home page and in my blog posts.

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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