Is social media changing our views on beauty and wellness?

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This week in class, we talked a lot about ‘fake news’ on social media and the importance of digital literacy as consumers of social media content. Nowadays, we consider social media as one of our top news sources (which is crazy to me!). Social media is so easily accessible, basically if you own a cell phone you can get on social media, and therefore anyone can create any type of content whenever they want to. This is both amazing and scary in my opinion, because we have so much freedom to create and share things we’re interested in and passionate about, but at the same time, it’s caused so much misinformation and unreliable sources to be circulated. More than ever, being digitally literate is SO important. Personally, when it comes to digital literacy, I’m mostly concerned about the younger generations since they’re growing up with social media at the tips of their fingers, and I think it’s so important for them to understand and be able to differentiate between misinformation and credible information.

Now as my blog is all about becoming your best self and sharing my best tips with beauty and wellness to do so, I thought it would only be fitting to tie in how social media has effected our views on beauty and wellness.

First of all, social media is a HUGE reason why we think about beauty and wellness the way we do.

With beauty, we idolize celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner for their skincare and makeup routines. They have major chokeholds on a lot of us consuming their content – literally anything product they mention in a video gets sold out in an instant. Influencers are tier below, BUT they also have a huge influence on the products we want to buy and what our goals are for our own skincare, makeup, and hair routines. I’m going to admit, I’m very easily influenced by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and other content creators I watch. Even the ideologies surrounding beauty stem completely from what we see online. Whether we want to have more natural makeup, or more of a full glam look on the everyday. Or even what we want our brows to look like, what shape we want them to be, how thick we want them to be, and how dark/filled in we want them to be.

Our views on wellness stem from social media as well, very similarly to beauty. Big trends I can think of at the top of my head that were huge at certain times and that influenced so many people’s daily habits are the “THAT” girl trend and the “clean girl” aesthetic. Particularly with the “THAT” girl trend, everyone all of the sudden wanted to start waking up earlier, journalling in the morning, and going on “hot girl walks”. Reflecting on my own habits, I find that I do A LOT of things that I’ve seen being done on social media related to wellness. I don’t think I would have tried journalling or meditating if I didn’t see others do it or talk about it online. I’ve also tried drinking green juice, which again I don’t think I would have tried if I didn’t see others doing it (and green juice isn’t really for me I’ve learned haha).

This was really interesting to think more about, hope you enjoyed!

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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