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This week in class we talked about how to use analytics, the power of analytics in knowing your audience and how to create content for it, how to integrate SEO, and more. I personally just got my Google analytics up and running for my blog and I’m very pleased about it! I find it so helpful to see how people are interacting my blog and to see what types of people are wanting to click. As we talked about analytics a lot last week as well, I want to give more of an update on SEO in relation to my audience this week!

For my posts on lifestyle, beauty, and wellness, I’ve been really leveraging using keywords and SEO to get my posts in front of more eyeballs. These posts are meant to inspire people and provide value through tips and tricks, and therefore I really want to use SEO in order to grow my audience. I’ve really gotten the hang of tagging keywords onto my posts as well I think! I kind of like to think of it as like using hashtags almost, because I’m quite familiar with how to do that haha. Also, putting myself in someone else’s shoes going to Google and wanting to search something related to my post allows me to figure out what keywords people might be using. I’ve been enjoying thinking about the marketing piece of my blog and figuring out ways I can optimize my reach and grow my audience!

I really hope to continuously reach like minded women like me who want to better their everyday lives through beauty and wellness. As for right now, SEO and using my analytics to understand my audience better has been my main strategy in doing so!

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