Channels I’m using for transmedia integration

Living in a technology world, social media is such a powerful tool for anyone who wants to get their message out there or create content to share with others. Although SEO plays a key role in getting your content in front of more eyeballs, social media is also key in further transmitting your content to more people. As I already post content around lifestyle, beauty, and wellness on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube already, I would love to continue my blog after this class and direct the audience I already have to it through my posts on social media.

The platform I’m most active on is Instagram, and typically a lot of the things I share on reels, posts and stories go hand-in-hand. I think something that would be great to do, is to create a call-to-action on those types of content I already create to drive my audience to learn more on my blog. The blog is nice because it allows me to give more tangible tips and tricks with regards to beauty and lifestyle, and I can go more in-depth in my writing while utilizing links and referencing sources I get inspiration from. I find that a blog is similar to a YouTube channel, but in written form, because you can keep users interested for longer and they can get to know you and your personality more than on platforms on Instagram and TikTok (I think personally).

Moving forward as a plan, I would love to continue using Instagram and TikTok to create the content I already do on them. But I would love to implement more of a strategy using CTA’s to get people looking at my blog and staying up to date no there! Creating shorter form content based on blog posts I’ve already written on my Instagram and TikTok will really allow me to bridge social media with my blog!

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