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This week we learned about the value of analytics and insights, and how we can use marketing in order to monetize our content. These topics are some of my FAVOURITE to discuss. I love the idea of taking passions and making something more out of them As a content creator myself, I’ve already been in this kind of mindset for a while now and thinking about how I can create more, provide more value, and make money from it.

First of all, as Suzanne preached in class, I completely agree that analytics are very important in creating content for our blogs. I think for content creation in general, it’s so important to know your audience and to leverage that info when creating your content. First, I think you should make sure that you’re reaching the audience you intend on reaching. And if you aren’t, I think that’s a telling sign that you’re doing something wrong in your content creation process and that you may need to make some adjustments. If you are reaching your intended audience – great! Think further about what your top age category, demographic, and gender means for your content as well. Getting to know your audience is definitely part of the magic sauce to content creation, and making sure you create for your audience is the KEY to growth!

On Instagram personally, I love to interact with my followers and do polls on my story and things like that to get to know them better and also make sure I’m creating what they want to see from me. Creating value for your audience, and being interactive and engaging are things that I make sure to remember when I’m creating content on social media.

Now in terms of marketing and advertisements, I’m definitely not opposed to doing what you gotta do to make some extra cash from your content. As we see in many industries, advertising makes up most of the revenue (Bleymaier, 2013). Especially if you’re working with brands and doing ads that align with you and your brand, that’s even better. I’ve been working with brands for a while now on Instagram and it’s been so great because I love the brands and they align with my own brand as a content creator. I also really enjoy using links as a content creator – I think they’re reallyyyy valuable because you’re providing value to your audience AND you can use affiliate links to make a small commission if someone purchases from them.

If you want to take your content seriously and like a business, using analytics and focusing on marketing and monetization are an essential part of that!

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

Tom Bleymaier. 2013.  On Advertising – Maria Popvova

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