A beginners guide to becoming “THAT girl”

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First of all…”THAT girl”? What does being “THAT girl” even mean? If you haven’t seen this term used on social media yet, it was a huge trend that started maybe a year or two ago all about becoming and being your best self. The trend got a bit of controversy though, because as creators posted about this trend in a trendy and aesthetic way of course, it kind of suggested to people that they needed to be drinking green juice, waking up at 5am everyday, doing pilates, journalling, and wearing SKIMS (which is just not ideal for everyone). What came out of the controversy though, is being able to emphasize that being “THAT girl” just means being the best version of YOU and doing things that work for you and your routine, not this idealistic girl that people were glorifying.

So let’s get into some basics and essentials in becoming “THAT girl” – aka being the best version of yourself. Let’s get into it…

Prioritize your health & wellness.

We all know how important our health and wellness is and how much it affects how we feel physically and mentally. It’s crucial, and were all about focusing on how we feel on this blog! In order to become “THAT girl”, you need to incorporate little health and wellness practices in your routine that make you feel good. Maybe it’s doing a 5 min meditation, going for a walk, drinking Athletic Greens, or taking your supplements. Find what YOU like to do and what makes your body feel good. Usually it’s the little habits that count the most at the end of the day!

Practice self care.

Self care needs to be on your list of priorities if you want to become “THAT girl”. Just like health and wellness, find what kinds of self care practices and rituals make you feel the best. I personally really like to incorporate extra little self care practices when I’m doing skincare, for instance I like to use my gua sha some nights when I’m doing my nighttime skincare routine for about 3-5 mins and use my ice roller in the morning to de-puff my face. Self care can look even simpler than that, like just taking out some time in your day to relax and be by yourself. Self care doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive! Make yourself a priority and carve out time for yourself like you would for others.

Dress in clothes that make you feel good.

Clothing! I honestly really think that clothing and what we wear is overlooked haha. We literally look in our closets and wear clothing every single day, and so therefore our clothes should make us feel good! And confident! Ready to take on the world! It definitely takes some time to figure out your personal style, and what kinds of styles and types of clothes flatter you the most, and make you feel the most confident and comfortable. For me what’s really helped in doing so has been going on Pinterest and making boards personal to me. Getting inspo on Pinterest and then going thrifting is a really fun activity and I highly recommend. If you haven’t been liking your clothing and you haven’t been feeling good in them recently, this is your sign to do a little closet cleanout!

Curate a morning and night routine that work best for YOU.

Last but not least, curating your own personalized morning and night routine. Talking about health and wellness, self care, and clothing all plays into our routines. The way you start your day and the way you end it is more important than you may think! It’s important to note that everyone’s routines look different. You can’t compare what makes you feel good to what other people prefer doing. Your routine is always doing to change and develop, and you’re not going to follow your routine everyday, it just doesn’t work that way. Figuring out the habits and practices that enhance your life and make you feel really good are key, and this definitely takes some trial and error! Also, buying little things like a cute mug, a journal that’s your favourite colour, or a new cute workout set help motivate you to do your routine. Not only is it doing little things that make you feel good, but also sometimes buying little things can enhance your routine and your life as well!

I hope this made you feel motivated and inspired to implement new practices into your routine and your life, and overall to embody being “THAT girl”!

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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