My “everything shower” essentials

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If you aren’t familiar with what an “everything” shower is, it’s when you do literally everything. Wash your hair, exfoliate, shave – the whole nine yards. And we all know, these showers are the best because you feel so clean and fresh afterwards. I’m clearly a huge fan of these showers, and I’m here to tell you the steps I take and my favourite products to use during my “everything” showers.

Now let’s get into it, shall we?

In the shower

When I’m taking an “everything” shower, I’m focusing on exfoliating, shaving, and washing my hair.

Let’s start with my whole shaving routine first! To exfoliate my skin, I’ve been loving the Ouai scalp and body scrub all over my body. I really love product because it’s really gentle on the skin and it lathers really nicely as well, and it doesn’t feel like it’s striping my skin like other exfoliators do sometimes. After exfoliating, I use the EOS shaving cream, which I’ve been trying out for the first time and so far really enjoying. Then for the actual shaving part, I use men’s razors because I find they do a much better job at shaving than women’s razors do (hot tip). I find they’re better at getting a close shave and typically have better quality blades than women’s razors do!

Then I wash my hair using shampoo and conditioner, and I’ve found the BEST combo. For shampoo, I use the L’OrΓ©al metal detox shampoo, and for conditioner, I use the Pureology smooth perfection conditioner, and these are seriously the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used! I LOVE the L’OrΓ©al metal detox is shampoo because it makes my hair feel actually clean and that all of the dirt and grease has been removed. And not to mention this Pureology smooth perfection conditioner is the most luscious, thick, hydrating conditioner EVER. Highly highly recommend these two products!

After the shower

The products you use post-shower are just as important as the ones you use in the shower! Firstly, post-shave, I like using the Ordinary glycolic acid toner because it keeps your skin bright and prevents it from discolouring. Then, especially during the colder months, I use the NΓ©cessaire body lotion and if my skin is feeling extra dry I also use the NΓ©cessaire body serum. Hydrating is so important after showering! Plus, at the end of the day they just make you feel so soft, hydrated, smooth, and fresh.

After treating myself to an “everything” shower and giving my skin a little extra TLC, I get to doing my PM skincare routine and then call it a night! I hope you enjoyed my run down of “everything” shower products!

Chat soon xx, Marilyn

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