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A little bit about me

Hi! Nice to meet you 🙂 I’m Marilyn, a Communications student at Simon Fraser University and a lifestyle, fashion & beauty content creator based in Vancouver, Canada.

Some of my passions include what I share on social media platforms as an influencer, but they also include wellness, self care, routines, and inspiring and motivating others to listen to their body and better themselves in all areas of life. I started taking social media seriously during COVID, when there wasn’t much to do and I was inspired to document my life through photo and video content. It’s now become a huge passion of mine!

As a Communications student, I learn a lot about technology, media, social media, public relations, and MORE (communications is quite a broad major – which I really enjoy). A lot of what we talk about in my Communications courses relate to social media and influencing in many way, which I think connects everything I’m passionate about in a really amazing way.

My skin/acne journey

For most of my life, I didn’t know what it meant to have a skincare routine and therefore I didn’t even have an actual skincare routine. From 12-18 years old, I only ever got small breakouts or the occasional pimple during my time of the month but I never actually dealt with bad acne yet.

At 18 years old and when I graduated high school, my skin progressively got worse and I started to develop very bad cystic acne. This was the worst my skin has ever been before and it took a HUGE toll on my self-esteem and my confidence. During this time I wanted to do anything I could to clear my cystic acne, so I wanted to educate myself as much as possible through watching YouTube videos and Googling things to learn more about skin and how to develop a proper skincare routine in hopes of clearing my skin. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to clear my skin through skincare products that I tried so I made the decision to go on Accutane in 2020 which ended up clearing my cyctic acne and allowed me to feel good in my own skin again.

Throughout this experience, I learned the importance of an AM and PM skincare routine and I fell in love with skincare and learning about it. Ever since I’ve had a passion for skincare and trying new skincare products, tools, and routines and it’s the reason I created this blog to share the tips and tricks I’ve learned and continue to learn through my experience with skincare!

I’m here to be your skincare big sister <3 Thanks so much for being here!

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Instagram: @marilynbrimacombe

TikTok: @marilynbrimacombe

YouTube channel: Marilyn Brimacombe

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